Our service

In our overseas business, we primarily provide technologies for electric equipment and air-conditioning and air intake and exhaust systems while maintaining relationships with local residents, thereby helping to build the future of each country with its people.

Building trust to expand business

Construction work conducted by our business establishments is highly acclaimed in local countries such as Vietnam where we have local offices in its 2 major cities: Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. We are consolidating our infrastructure to expand our business with a view to making a full-scale entry into overseas markets.

Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi
Lighting Equipment of Nhật Tân Bridge, Hanoi
Thai Binh Power Plant,Thái Bình,Vietnam
The Project for Construction of Primary School, Nigeria
The Project for Improvement of Power Supply in Accra Central,Ghana
The Project for Rehabilitation of Transmission Line in Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania


Electrical Facilities Construction
Our services include the design, installation, maintenance, and management of electrical facilities in various buildings such as office buildings, factories, public facilities, hospitals, schools, and shopping malls. We also provide swift follow-ups. We will respond to your needs for the installation of electrical instruments in your factory, water supply, and sewer facilities. Yurtec offers its customers services for the construction of electrical facilities that make their everyday lives comfortable, convenient, and safe.
Air conditioning and Plumbing facilities Construction
Air-conditioning facilities, which maintain the air in a building in good condition, and water supply, drainage, and sanitary facilities, including toilets, are indispensable for users of the building. In its service areas in the Tohoku and Kanto regions, Yurtec provides these facilities in a systemized form suited to the functionality of each building, to create a comfortable and functional environment for improved dwelling quality and productivity.
Power Supply Facilities Construction
We take pride in our long corporate history which began by constructing electrical power facilities in Tohoku region. We have successfully achieved professional experience in designing, constructing, maintaining and managing a variety of electrical facilities by giving the highest priority to safety. We are resolved to continuously provide all-round support for the installation and construction of facilities and equipment in power plants, large-scale substations, substations annexed to factories, etc., in an effort to support the stable supply of electrical power.
Renewal of aged Facilities
With the march of time, buildings become antiquated and go out of fashion. We propose renewal plans to convert them into comfortable and advanced spaces. By conducting optimized renovation work in accordance with a building’s characteristics and requirements, it becomes more user- and environment-friendly. Its asset value also increases through the addition of high functionality.
Renewable energy
To realize a low-carbon society, which is human- and environment-friendly, the renewable energy such as photovoltaic power generation and wind turbine generation are expected to play the most vital role. We at Yurtec already embarked on the development of facilities, technologies and systems for renewable energies more than 20 years ago. We are determined to continuously promote the effective use of natural energies by capitalizing on our proven reliable technologies for all-round engineering services with a view to building a healthy and sound future society.
Information and Telecommunications Construction
The waves of digitalization and networking are paving the way for the successive development of new systems and extending the field. We at Yurtec have been dedicated to constructing a number of information and telecommunication facilities for private companies, public offices, electrical power companies, etc. By making full use of the achievements and experience we obtained in the past, we are determined to drive next-generation technologies forward quickly in response to the evolution of telecommunications.
Civil Engineering and Construction
New technologies and construction methods, which we are continually developing while we aim to conduct construction projects more safely and efficiently, will revolutionize every facet of civil engineering and construction. We at Yurtec contribute to the construction of infrastructures for comfortable living and community environments of the next generation by capitalizing on highly sophisticated technologies we developed during the construction of the electrical power system in the Tohoku area.

Business Scope

Scope of business includes planning, designing, construction, maintenance and consulting activities covering both general and electric power-related fields.


Substation facilities
Independent power plant
Photovoltaic power generation
Wind power generation
Cogeneration system
Uninterruptible power supply system
Motive power supply
Monitoring and controlling systems
Illumination equipment and power outlets
Automobile traffic control systems
Road-heating equipment and facilities
Building automation equipment
Office automation equipment
Home automation equipment
Factory automation equipment
Street lights
Disaster and Theft Prevention
Sprinklers and chloral hydrate atomizers
Indoor and outdoor fire extinguishers
Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers
Automatic fire alarm system
Fire and smoke prevention doors and barriers
Emergency alarm and illumination systems
Gas leakage detectors
Burglar alarm systems
Monitor cameras
Emergency power sources, wireless communications
Lightning protection
Panels and instruments
Cabling and wiring
Piping work
Information and Communications Systems
Optical-fiber network
PBX systems
Wireless communication systems
Radio wave interference survey
TV monitoring/surveillance systems
Mobile-phone and PHS
Microwave communications
Earthquake Warning system
Network system
Air Conditioning
Air-conditioning systems
Air-flow control systems
Ventilation systems
Smoke extraction systems
Clean rooms
Freezers, refrigerators
Heat-Pump systems
Civil Engineering
Land Development
Common cable trench
Information box facilities
Drainage system
Drainage system for agriculture and fisheries
Telecomm. related work
Various facilities
Flow-rate survey
Geological survey
Plumbing and Sanitary Facilities
Water supply
Hot water supply
Sanitary facilities
Kitchen facilities
Gas supply facilities
Office buildings
Shops and stores
Other buildings
Installation of signboards
Water Processing
Drinking water purifying
Domestic sewage drain system
Industrial sewage drain system
Septic tank
Semi-processed water supply


Distribution Lines
Pole erection
Pole dressing/assembling
Uninterruptible line work
Installation of conductor protection pipes
Power Generating Plant & Substation Facilities
Survey and design
Gantry structure assembly and stringing
Installation and tests
Remote supervisory control system
Cable laying, connection
Installation and tests of control and relay panels
Inspection, maintenance
Transmission Lines
Tower foundation work
Tower assembly
Optical-fiber combined GW
Tower designing
Soil survey and analysis
Electromagnetic induction influence survey
Land acquisition
Electric Power-Related Civil Engineering Work
Hydro power plant civil engineering work
Substation foundation work
Plant site preparation
Water flow survey
Soil survey
Underground Power Lines
Conduit lines
Underground duct
Cable laying, connection
Electric Power-Related Architecture
Power generation plant buildings
Substation buildings
Office buildings
Building inspection and maintenance


Electric Machines and Materials
Heat-pump system electrical water heater (Eco-Cute)
IH cooking heater
Heat-pump system air-conditioners